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An overview of our Priorities and our Board

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It is expected that all Virtual School Heads will become a member of The National Association to support them in their role.The subscription fees and any profit from the annual conference will be used to commission research and run the National Association.

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Our Research and Improvement Priorities 2016/17

1. Establish The National Association of Virtual School Heads and links with key partners.

2. Develop a robust means of measuring attainment and progress based on recent research demonstrating what impacts most on educational outcomes for children in care.

3. Uphold high quality educational provision for all children in care.

4. Research and develop best practice use of Pupil Premium Plus to maximise its impact.

5. Support schools to implement the NICE Guidance on Attachment.

6. Promote engagement with Children in Care Councils and ensure the voice of children in care and care leavers is at the centre of our work.

7. Support the ongoing professional development of Virtual School Heads, Designated Teachers and other professionals working with children in care.

How will Board posts be established in the future?

With the exception of the Chair and Past Chair (currently Second Vice Chair), elections will be held for the other posts, as part of the AGM, next year at the National Conference and this will become a regular aspect of our annual conference in the future.


Chair, Vice Chair, Immediate Past Chair, Honorary Secretary,HonoraryTreasurer,Policy Lead and Regional Lead.

Extended Board

  • The NAVSH Board
  • Nine Regional Representatives.

Voting Members

  • NAVSH Board through national ballot
  • Elect regional representatives as determined by regional groups