Children in Care & Care Leavers

There are many people who can help support your education if you are in care or a care leaver. There are those people around you at home and at school that can help but also your social worker and other professionals.

If there are any difficulties with your education or you just want some extra help then you, or those around you, might get some support from The Virtual School Head in your local authority (the one you are in the care of).

The Virtual School is the term given to the way the local authority checks that looked after children and young people are doing well in their education.

It’s called a Virtual School because it monitors all looked after children in their different school and imagines them as pupils of one ‘virtual’ school. It collects information about the progress looked after children are making and can provide help, advice, funding through the Pupil Premium and support to make sure everyone reaches their full potential..

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