Diagnostic Managers needed for NAVSH Peer Review

Each NAVSH Virtual School Peer Review team is led by a Diagnostic Manager. The team comprises of a Lead Peer, usually a current Assistant Director and two current Virtual School Heads, making a total team of four.

With such a small team it is essential the Diagnostic Manager has a specialist knowledge and understanding of the work of a Virtual School.

The Diagnostic Manager is key to building relationships within the host organisation and will manage NAVSH’s reputation with respect to the peer review process. For the pilot stage of NAVSH’s Virtual School Peer Reviews Alan Clifton acted as Diagnostic Manager. The NAVSH Board is now looking to increase capacity and recruit experienced colleagues who might be interested in acting as the Diagnostic Manager for a NAVSH Virtual School Peer Review.

The role.  He/She will:

  • act as the first point of contact for NAVSH; manage the overall review process and advise the team and the organisation
  • support the organisation in preparing for the challenge, including conducting the planning meeting and liaising with them over the timetable and documents
  • act as coordinator, facilitator and adviser to guide the peer team through the challenge
  • ensure the peer team remain on track to produce the summary of findings, quality assure it to NAVSH standards and liaise with the team and local authority to agree it.

Further details are available here: Appendix C Diagnostic Manager

Expressions of interest to be submitted to info@navsh.org.uk by Thursday 30th April with training available in June.