NAVSH conference 2021

Virtual Schools - promoting recovery with care and education

On this page you will find videos of the speakers at the 2021 conference, apart from those who we can’t share for copyright reasons. You will also find the slides used in presentations where we have permission to share.

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A NAVSH Summary

The use of Pupil Premium Plus to improve educational outcomes for looked after children

Use of the materials on this page is restricted to personal viewing or viewing in meetings / groups. You don’t have permission to download or reproduce these materials without permission from NAVSH or individual presenters / authors.

Day One / February 2nd

Data: NCER Data update

Edd Shackleton –Edd will tell us about latest developments from NCER to enhance the information we have.  There will be a chance to ask him questions also

Data: NAVSH update

Jane Pickthall

NAVSH Speed updating

A rapid-fire update on key strands of NAVSH work.

  • Members Survey –Calvin Kipling
  • Post Grad –Mike Gorman
  • Peer Review –Alan Clifton
  • COVID responses –Jancis Andrew

Day Two / February 3rd

Welcome and Review

Welcome from Jancis Andrew, Chair of NAVSH followed by her review of the year and then Patrick Ward who will be the new Chair after the AGM looking forward to the coming year.

A Young Person’s perspective

Danielle has been through the care system and is now working with the Department for Education in Sheffield.

What Works for children’s social care?

Michael Sanders

Hear evidence based research from NESTA on what works to improve outcomes for children in care.

Ministerial Update

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department for Education, with responsibility for children and families –Vicky Ford –an opportunity to hear about Government priorities in our world.

Ofsted Update

Matthew Brazier + Nick Whittaker (Specialist Adviser, SEND) followed by a Q & A.

Ethical Leadership

Carolyn Roberts, Head Teacher Thomas Tallis School, Greenwich talking about the traits of an ethical leader and how it can support us in our conference theme.