New to role support programme

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NAVSH has commissioned an induction programme for new Virtual School Heads and team members. It has been developed by two former Virtual School Heads, Penny Todd and Michael Gorman, working together as GNT Virtual School Associates.

There are four elements - join whichever you think will be most useful to you. The programme is free of charge and is open to anyone and you don’t need to be a NAVSH member to access this support.

Monthly video conferencing & networking

An opportunity to meet online with other people new to the role to share ideas, concerns and experiences.   We’ll agree what to focus on in the next session too so that the sessions are relevant and useful.  Join us with a coffee in hand!

To register in advance for this meeting click the links below:

Wednesday December 15, 2021 2.30pm

Tuesday January 25th 2.30pm

Tuesday February 15th 2.30pm

Tuesday March 22 2.30pm

After registering, you will receive an email with information about joining the meeting.  You can also join via the Zoom Cloud Meetings app from Google Play or the iTunes app store.

Modular online learning

This free, flexible online Moodle course provides the basic information that anyone new to working in a virtual school needs to know.

Modules include audio input from serving virtual school heads and leading experts and contain practical advice for your first few months in post.

Topics covered:
1.    The role of the Virtual School
2.    Working with social care
3.    Working with schools
4.    Data and accountability
5.    SEND and CAMHS
6.    Learning from academic research

Register now

To register for the course just fill in the form below.  You’ll then be sent a link to the course content.

Please note enrolments can take up to 2 working days to process

Google Chrome

This resources works best using Google Chrome

Webinars & podcasts

Leading experts and practitioners explain and discuss topics relevant to everyone working with care experienced children.   Previous topics include:

  • Ofsted ILACS inspections
  • Moving on Up – care leavers and higher education
  • Adopting siblings

Details of dates, times and how to join forthcoming webinars are emailed to NAVSH members and posted on Twitter.  

The first 100 days 1:1 coaching & mentoring package for new Virtual School Heads

An excellent way to focus on your priorities, problem solve and have a confidential, supportive way of working through challenges you face.  Evidence from leadership research indicates that the first 100 days in post is crucial for the long-term success of the role and it is not always easy to talk with other team members or line managers.    Confidential support and focus from experienced practitioners will help you make a planned and focused transition from your previous role and develop greater self-awareness and confidence.

  1. NAVSH will pay for this coaching and mentoring package which is comprised as follows:
  2. Initial telephone set up to discuss the package, agree dates and other practicalities.  
  3. Self-review of your new role.  This will help you to identify the challenges you face and think about how to get the most out of the coaching and mentoring package. 
  4. First coaching and mentoring session with your coach (1.5 hours).  A session to talk about your new role and its challenges, set yourself goals and agree actions to start making a difference.  
  5. Interim coaching and mentoring session. (1 hour).  This takes place one month after the first session.  A review of your progress from last time, the chance to discuss any new challenges that have come up and agree your next set of actions.  
  6. Final evaluation coaching and mentoring session (1 hour).  This takes place one month after the second session.  A review of your progress from the start and discussion of your next steps as you go forward.  
  7. There is email support throughout the 100 days of the package.  

Coaching and mentoring sessions will take place online using Zoom or your own preferred video conferencing provider.   The coaches are two former Virtual School Heads, Penny Todd and Michael Gorman, working together as GNT Virtual School Associates.  

Please note that the free 100 Days Coaching and Mentoring package is for new VS Heads only who have come into post in the past 12 months.  Additional coaching and mentoring sessions can be provided at a charge to extend the support.  We are also happy to provide coaching and mentoring for VS team members and longer serving VS heads for a charge.  

If you are interested in finding out more about the coaching and mentoring please email Penny and Mike at