The Virtual School Handbook

NAVSH-The Virtual School Handbook 2019 provides a thorough overview of the role and offers advice around different aspects of it. The main focus of a Virtual School Head is improving the educational outcomes of looked after children.

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Response to the National Funding Formula Consultation

By Jane Pickthall | April 17, 2016

Sent on behalf of The National Association of Virtual School Heads This response is being made by the National Association of Virtual School Heads (NAVSH) on behalf of the 152 Virtual School Heads in England. NAVSH is the national organisation representing all Virtual School Heads in England and exists to promote improved educational outcomes for…

Embracing New Challenges – thoughts on the White Paper ‘Excellence Everywhere’

By Jane Pickthall | April 4, 2016

At our recent conference I asked Virtual School Heads to embrace the suggestion in the White Paper ‘Excellence Everywhere’ of extending the role of VSH and designated teachers, for children in care to include support for children who have left care under an adoption order. A key element of this proposal, as highlighted by Edward…

The NAVSH Conference 2016

By Jane Pickthall | March 20, 2016

Most people reading this will have already attended the conference and will have hopefully found it interesting and be raring to put new ideas into practice. The focus for this year’s conference is, ‘what can we learn?’, both from each other and leading academics, on the areas most closely linked to the role of the…

Our Research and Improvement Priorities 2016/17

By Jane Pickthall | March 19, 2016

Establish The National Association of Virtual School Heads and links with key partners. Develop a robust means of measuring attainment and progress based on recent research demonstrating what impacts most on educational outcomes for children in care. Uphold high quality educational provision for all children in care. Research and develop best practice use of Pupil…